Denitrification and desulfurization EPC service for chemical plant – Ammonia FGD Technology Limestone FGD Dry FGD
The third cooperation between Yangcoal & Mingsheng
ammonia flue gas desulfurization(FGD) application in Petrochemical Plant

Denitrification and desulfurization EPC service for chemical plant

Flue Gas Ammonia Desulfurization Equipment for 1x300t/h High Temperature and High Pressure Pulverized Coal Boiler by EPC General Contracting Service
Rated Evaporation: 300t/h
Main Steam Rated Pressure: 9.8 MPa(G)
Main Steam Rated Temperature: 540℃
Feed water temperature: 190℃
Exhaust gas temperature ≤140℃
Air preheater outlet hot wind temperature: ~295℃
Boiler temperature regulation mode: two-stage spray cooling
Boiler thermal efficiency guarantee value≥91.5%(Low calorific value according to design coal) Boiler continuous blowdown rate: ≤1%
Boiler structure: steel structure
Elevation of boiler operation layer: +10.50m
Arrangement type:Semi exposed
Anti-seismic strength: 8 degree
Boiler load range: 60~100%BMCR Guarantee Steam Supply Parameters of Boiler in Load Range (No Combustion Support)
Continuous operation time:≥8000h
Boiler load property:With basic load and peak regulation
Consumption coal under rated evaporation:design coal type: about 40.5t/h
Checked coal type: about 42.8t/h
The cooperation of Shandong Mingsheng and Xinlianxin Chemical Fertilizer Plant covers the whole work of ammonia desulfurization device, i.e. the design of various systems, equipment and civil engineering (including process, pipeline, structure, building, electrical, automatic control, HVAC, fire fighting, water supply and drainage, telecommunication, industrial television, lightning protection grounding, lighting, fire alarm, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, tower top direct exhaust chimney, CEMS and CEMS sampling platform/frame/elevator, etc.); purchase, manufacture, inspection, experiment and shipment of equipment and materials; supply, unloading and storage of equipment and materials; installation and construction of equipment and pipeline system; system debugging, training, 168h trial operation; performance acceptance, elimination and after-sales service.