Chemical engineering in Indonesia by limestone FGD – Ammonia FGD Technology Limestone FGD Dry FGD
ammonia flue gas desulfurization(FGD) application in Petrochemical Plant
The Second Generation Ammonia Desulfurization Technology Application in Chemical Industry

Chemical engineering in Indonesia by limestone FGD

Service country: Indonesia
Capacity: 2*75t/h Alumina circulating fluidized bed boiler
Method: Adopted desulfurization by calcium injection in boiler and limestone- gypsum outside boiler (high temperature and high pressure boiler matching electric bag compound desulfurization system)
Technology requirements:
(1) The emission concentration of SO2 < 200mg/Nm3 (the guaranteed efficiency of desulfurization in furnace is 40%). The particulate emission concentration< 50mg/m3.
(2) Total desulfurization efficiency: ≥98.5%;
(3) Dust removal efficiency: ≥99%;
(4) System air leakage rate: ≤ 2%;
(5) Mature management technology, low project investment, high cost performance, small area, easy operation and maintenance, low operating cost and long service life.
Cooperation Type: EP(Engineering&Procurement)