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Shandong Mingsheng Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd

is the integrated service operator of industrial flue gas desulphurization and denitration, as well as dust elimination mainly, setting technology research and development, project investment, engineering design, EPC and construction, operation and service as one. There are more than 200 employees, professional undertaking chemical, power, coking, smelting, carbon, paper and other industries industrial boiler flue gas treatment projects.

Mingsheng relies on its own innovational thought, mechanism and platform, dedicates to the study of ammonia desulphurization and limestone desulfurization technologies; SCR, SNCR, low nitrogen combustion, ozone and other denitration technologies; particulate control, compound dusting and IPC intelligent electric dusting control system, etc..

Shandong Mingsheng Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd has installation and operation qualifications of environmental engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, pressure vessels and pressure pipe design; Complete quality assurance system, safety management system and 100-day project management system.

In particular, after several generations of ammonia desulphurization technology research and development, the sixth generation ammonia desulfurization technology can make the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides of the industrial waste gas emissions to be as chemical raw materials, and then convert into chemical fertilizer, organic manure, organic compound fertilizer, etc. It not only realizes ultra-low emission, but also turns waste into treasure and promotes the green development of ecological recycling economy. This "Cascade Separation and purification ammonia desulfurization and Dust removal Integration Technology" was selected as the key supporting technology for environmental protection and clean production in petroleum and chemical industry by Petrochemical Federation in 2016. The technology has obtained 63 national patents, of which 28 are invention patents. The scientific research results have been appraised by national institutions and reached the advanced level in the world.