Flue gas plug valve – Ammonia FGD Technology Limestone FGD Dry FGD

Manufacturer's recommendation

The soft seal is made of high temperature resistant material, and the hard seal is made of 316L stainless steel plate special track, without internal and external leakage, and the air tightness is ≥ 99%

Chemical flue valve

Simple structure

Compact structure, light and flexible operation


Carbon baffle door

High quality material selection
It shall be carbon steel lined with 316L stainless steel plate or other corrosion-resistant steel plates on both sides

Chemical flue gas baffle door

Smooth anti-wear
Smooth and wear-resistant, fine workmanship, no burr

Flue gas gate

High temperature resistance
Ensure no deformation, tensile resistance and deformation under high temperature and large temperature difference

Flue gas gate

Good sealing
No internal and external leakage
Air tightness ≥ 99%

Electro hydraulic plug plate baffle valve

Easy installation and disassembly
Flange bolts are used to connect with the flue
Easy installation and disassembly during flue maintenance

Performance parameters of gate valve

Main configuration1. Hydraulic station and oil cylinder 2. Insert plate 3. Frame 4. Local control cabinet
Sealing formEspecially 316L track seal plus unique soft seal
Air tightness of baffle valve≥99%
Energy analysisBasically, no cost is incurred, which plays the role of energy saving and consumption reduction
Affected by ash depositionThe switch of the plug-in board is the process of ash cleaning. Diamond design is adopted to minimize ash accumulation.

Our advantages

Simple installation and short cycle, which can be completed in the minor repair period


  1. Multiple qualification certificates
  2. 100000㎡ production plant, factory outlet
  3. One-year warranty period, one-year guarantee replacement and five-year warranty time
  4. Complete specifications and support customization