Installation and operation and maintenance

2024-04-25 14:38

1. Installation business

The project department of Shandong Mingsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was formerly the maintenance team of Shandong Mingshui Dahua Group. After more than 30 years of development, it has extensive cooperation with enterprises in the fields of chemical industry, electric power, and medicine.

The company has reached the level of proficiency and sophistication in the installation of pressure pipelines, production and installation of pressure vessels, production and installation of desulfurization projects, production and installation of gas-making gas systems, production and installation of electrostatic decoking projects, and has cultivated a group of professional construction teams. We have undertaken the production and installation of many large-scale projects in the domestic chemical industry, and have accumulated rich experience in production, installation and commissioning.

A sound management mechanism and a perfect quality assurance system have laid a solid foundation for the company's development and growth.


1. Operation and maintenance service

The owners of environmental protection facilities (pollution discharge enterprises), operating units (professional environmental protection companies), and supervisory agencies (environmental protection departments) have clearly defined powers and responsibilities, clear relationships, mutual restraints, independent exercise of rights and performance of duties.

(1) Benefits to polluting enterprises

save money. The third-party operation mode of environmental pollution control facilities is adopted, and the management standards of professional environmental protection companies are unified. Through intensive management, the operation and maintenance costs are reduced, the service quality of sewage enterprises is improved, and the investment of personnel and funds of enterprises is reduced. Compared with direct operation, the cost of environmental protection has not increased significantly, but the utilization efficiency of facilities has been improved, and the effect of pollution control will be better.

Through the operation and management of professional environmental protection companies, we can achieve:

A. Improve the use efficiency and service life of facilities and equipment, and reduce equipment costs in the long run.

B. On the premise of ensuring compliance with the standards, the utilization rate of the chemicals used in the treatment is improved, the operating cost is reduced, and the waste of chemicals and secondary pollution are avoided.

C. On the premise of reaching the standard, the utilization efficiency of manpower is relatively improved and the cost of manpower is reduced.

D. Through process technology transformation, the treatment efficiency can be directly improved, and the cost of water, electricity, medicine, equipment and labor can be saved.

E. The cost of fines for exceeding environmental protection standards. If the standard is exceeded, according to the contract agreement, the polluting enterprise does not have to bear all the fines.

save trouble. By adopting the third-party operation mode of environmental pollution control facilities, the manpower, material resources, financial resources, external coordination and communication of environmental pollution control facilities are transferred to professional environmental protection companies, which saves trouble. Enterprises are freed from unfamiliar environmental protection and pollution control, and no longer suffer from environmental protection failures. They put all their energy on production and operation, expand product production and sales, and improve the company's economic benefits.

peace of mind. After the operation and management services of a professional environmental protection company meet the contract requirements and are approved by the environmental protection department, you can just pay the service fee to the professional company, and no longer worry about environmental protection compliance. Regarding matters related to environmental protection, the professional environmental protection company will directly contact and deal with the environmental protection department in accordance with the operation and management contract.

Responsibility sharing transfers environmental risks and human safety risks. The third-party operation mode of environmental pollution control facilities is adopted, and the responsibilities and obligations of each other are clearly defined in the operation contract. Any loss or impact caused by the professional environmental protection company shall be borne by the professional environmental protection company according to the contract agreement.

A Reduce environmental risks. Under the mode of third-party operation of environmental pollution control facilities, the production enterprise is only a producer of pollution sources. He did not discharge to the environment, but handed it over to a third party. The third party is the polluter in the legal sense and should bear the responsibility. Corresponding legal responsibilities. In the past, they could only deal with their own functional departments, but the responsibility had to be borne by the polluting enterprises, and the matter had to be handled by the enterprises.

B Reduce human risk. Pollutant-discharging enterprises do not need to worry about the responsibilities of insufficient personnel, difficulty in recruiting workers, and employee work-related injuries during the operation of environmental pollution control facilities.

C Role switching. Under the third-party operation mode of environmental pollution control facilities, “the passive situation of polluting enterprises subject to government supervision will be changed, and they will instead “sit on the same bench” with government departments to jointly supervise the operation and operation effects of third-party professional environmental protection companies.”

Shandong Mingsheng has a strong operation team. It has successively carried out operation and maintenance operations on the ammonia desulfurization projects of many nitrogen fertilizer enterprises. It has really enabled many enterprises to realize desulfurization and denitrification projects, saving energy and devoting themselves to production.