Flue gas dampers(guillotine type damper)

2024-04-25 14:36

Function: duct dampers are installed in the connection pipe between a boiler and the chimney and close the flue gas path. They are mainly used in absorption tower inlet, outlet or bypass flue of flue gas desulfurization systems, and can also be used in other air and air pipes with high operating isolation requirements.

Application industries: Chemical, Petroleum, Metallurgical, Papermaking, Pharmaceutical, Power plant, etc.

Brand: Mirshine, Mirshine flue gas damper adopts the advanced technology of Cresent, absorbs the advantages of the same industry products in our country, combines the use experience and feedback information of many users, and innovates and develops a new generation of flue gas baffle valve independently. Filed for national patent in 2013, is an important joint venture product of Cresent in China. The manufacturing process adopts numerical control operation, machining and matching precision.

Design type: flue gas dampers made by Mirshine is hydraulic plugboard type flue gas dampers, are mainly used for isolating of flue gas from circulation in desulfurization towers.

Sizes: customized according to the dimension of desulfurization tower inlet or outlet.

Flue Gas Damper Categories

  1. According to the actuator type, can be divided into electric flue gas damper, manual flue gas damper and pneumatic flue gas damper. This is mainly depending on how you operate easily.

    According to the material, can be divided into carbon steel damper and stainless steel damper. When the flue gas temperature is more than 300℃, customers should choose the stainless steel ones.
  2. According to the specific position in use, can be divided into the inlet flue gas damper, the outlet flue gas damper and the bypass flue gas damper.


  3. According to the shape, can be divided into round flue gas damper and square flue gas damper.

    Customers can choose the suitable type according to the installation position, flue gas temperature, flue gas contains and the actuator.


99.9% air airpr

Performance characteristics

1) When working normally, the switch is flexible, no jam or small resistance;

2) After closing, no internal leakage, external leakage, good seal, no air leakage;

3) Open and close signal can be connected with DCS to achieve remote transmission operation;

4) Simple operation and short installation period;

5) Long service life, no maintenance after installation;

6) Adopting new hydraulic drive type with high stability;

7) No deform under high temperature, do not collect soot;

8) Use flange bolt to connect with flue, easy to install and disassemble;

9) Special sealing material, patent technology, good sealing performance and high wear resistance;

10) The manufacturing process conforms to the relevant industry standards