Ammonia FGD

2024-04-25 14:32


TheTechnology of Mirshine Ammonia Flue GAS Desulfurization

The first reaction occurs when the amount of ammonia is low, the second reaction occurs when the amount of ammonia is high, and the third reaction is the real absorption reaction in ammonia process.The acid salt NH4HSO3 produced in the process of absorption has no ability to absorb SO2. With the process of absorption, the quantity of SO2 in the absorbent solution increases, and the absorption capacity of the absorbent decreases, so it is necessary to replenish ammonia to the absorbent solution.Conversion of NH4HSO3 to (NH4)2SO3 to maintain the absorptive capacity of the absorbent.

The Engineering System of Mirshine Ammonia Flue gas Desulfurization



The Qualification of Mingsheng Ammonia flue gas desulfurization(FGD)

Ammonia is used as desulphurizer in ammonia desulfurization process with low electricity consumption and low water consumption. The desulphurizer comes from a wide range of sources and has no waste water, waste gas and three wastes. Ammonium sulfate by-product can be used as sulfur-based chemical fertilizer. It is a green and non-pollution-free environmental technology.



The Features of Mirshine Ammonia Flue gas Desulfurization

1.Sufficient absorption, and to prevent aerosol production availably.
2.The relative liquid gas ratio is low, low power consumed.
3.Two stage purification system is adopted, Ammonia escape and aerosol production can be effectively prevented.
4.Automatic interlock control through PH, to control pH value Strictly.
5.Air oxidation distributor with net form, uniform gas distribution, full contaction with liquid circulation, at the same time to improve the oxidation level, at thesame time, the oxidation level is increased, so that the oxidation is complete.
6.Water consumption and steam consumption are reduced by crystallization in the tower.
7.Reasonable calculation of technological indexes, and to use frequency conversion technology to reduce power consumption.
8.DCS system is used to control labor cost.
9.After ammonium sulfate system use a variety of ways to combine, to increase ammonium sulfate output of rate, to ensure long period operation of the system.
10.All domestic famous brand materials are used,to assure project quality, to put an end to erosion and corrosion.
11.Set the timing flush in the easily blocked part, to prevent the obstruction of key parts.