Core culture


Enterprise mission: to improve the living environment of human beings and improve the quality of life of the people


Corporate Vision: Be brave to be a pioneer in environmental protection and create an industry ecology together


Core values: gratitude, dedication, innovation, pragmatism


Cultural beliefs: Tolerance and kindness, initiative, hard work and help


Product concept: Create leading technology with craftsman spirit, create first-class products and set industry benchmarks


Service concept: starting from customer needs, and finally customer satisfaction


Craftsmanship spirit: it is the spirit of being firm, persistent, pragmatic, and unwavering in its beliefs. It is a person who devotes his whole life to the perfection of his own products, achieves the ultimate with fine standards, pursues perfection, and becomes an unrepeatable self-worth.


Execution: Mingsheng craftsman "100-day project" system overcomes difficulties and pursues perfection with the concept of 100%=1,99%=0!




Mingsheng people would like to follow the sixteen-character policy——

systems thinking, master consciousness,

Zoom in on the pattern and make progress while doing it.


deal with things—

Think in your heart, see in your eyes,

Say it with your mouth and do it with your hands.