Founded in 2005, Mirshine Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading EPC comprehensive solution provider for desulfurization and denitrification, sewage treatment, dust removal, operation and maintenance services, pressure vessel and non-standard equipment manufacturing and installation and related equipment in China.

With decades of chemical foundation and experience, relying on chemical methods used in the chemical industry, Mirshine is dedicated to the research of desulfurization and denitration technology. Green development of ecological circular economy. Mirshine has obtained 63 national patents, including 28 invention patents, and its scientific research achievements have been identified by national institutions and have reached the world's advanced level.

Waste gas treatment
Exhaust gas purification mainly refers to the treatment of industrial waste gases such as dust particles generated in industrial sites
sewage disposal
We have 20 years of professional accumulation and engineering practice experience in the field of high concentration chemical wastewater treatment
Solid waste treatment
Solid waste treatment, also known as solid waste treatment, aims to achieve harmlessness, reduction, and resource utilization